Shaping organizational structures

Executive program for Organizational Leadership.

Executives face a big challenge of having to provide answers to complex questions that impact both, the current and the future business. We will enable you to find the right answers for your own organization, unit or team by illuminating your challenges from different perspectives which focus on the strongest lever your organization has: its structures.


Your skills after the program

Our program helps you to take on a fresh perspective on your own organization. It will enable you to better understand the power but also the deficits of your current structures. You will be able to analyse how your structures impact your culture and how to influence culture, so that it is supportive of your initiatives.

What is so special about this program

It’s not a best-practice infusion from the outside. Our approach values your experience as a senior manager and incorporates the know-how and competencies that are already there – in the expertise and minds of your team. All that can be discovered and unlocked by the right structural settings.

What is happening in this program

You will professionalize your way of handling complex management challenges by designing structures and processes that create change, align stakeholders, and implement innovations. Our systematic approach helps you to deconstruct your current organizational structures and provides you with a building plan and the crucial elements to find resilient answers – to these and other questions.

We call it Organizational Leadership!


3 Learning Journeys – designed to work through your organizational challenges.

1. Shaping Structures and Cultures

Adapt a new organizational understanding:
You will learn a systematic approach for analysing organizational structures and cultures, allowing you to pinpoint and master the complexity of business challenges.

2. Leading Transformation and Innovation

Adapt a progressive leadership approach:
You will learn an effective method for leading transformation processes and connecting new ideas with the old organization

3. Developing Strategies and Markets

Adapt a new strategy blueprint:
You will learn a comprehensive way of exploring markets and leading strategies through a multi-stakeholder environment from development to implementation.

3 learning journeys over 6 months in 36 live-online sessions – 72hours of interactive learning & immediate transfer!

 If you have any questions please contact:

Christoph Nahrholdt

+49 173 70 32 900

Preview Sessions (free, live-online):
Feb 18, Feb 25, Mar 4, Mar 11

2 Sessions per Date:
08–10 am CET/ 03–05 pm SGT
04–06 pm CET/ 10–12 am EST

Learning Journeys:

Shaping structures & Cultures – March 2021
Leading Transformation & Innovation – June 2021
Developing Strategies & Markets – September 2021

EUR 9.900,-

Gesamt: EUR 11.781 inklusive 19% MwSt.

If you have any questions regarding the program or wish to make an appointment please contact:

Charlotte Rosendahl

T +49 (4106) 617-182

Our seminars are moderated by as many Metaplaners as necessary to guarantee an optimum casework in small groups. All of our consultants work mainly in consulting projects: this ensures the biggest possible practical know-how and experience for our inputs, concepts and solution approaches.


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Here you can download the current brochure for the Executive Program as a PDF file.

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